The npower app

Track your energy usage, check your payments, compare previous months usage and spot ways you could save money.

Our mobile app just got better. Now you can do even more from your smartphone, from tracking your usage to planning future events on your account. Combine that with a brand new look and a brand new way to see your energy, and there’s a lot to explore.

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The new Timeline

Understanding your energy is much easier with your personal timeline. It plots your readings, shows your bill history and even tells you what’s coming up. Pinch to zoom for more detail or tap an event to learn more.

With upcoming events plotted out you won’t forget a thing. Get reminders when your tariff changes, when your bill is ready and when it’s time to send a meter reading. Staying on top of your account is so much simpler.

Image of phone with App.
Image of phone with App.

Meter reads made easier

Time to send a meter reading? Then you can get it done in just a few taps. And for those hard to reach meters, the built-in torch* makes light work of even the darkest cupboards. *only available for devices with a camera and built-in flash

Compare energy

We’ve added £ and CO2 to Energy Tracker so it's even easier to understand your usage. Now you can compare previous months, spot ways to save money, and get a better picture of your energy.

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Our app - quick guide

Logging into the app is easy – just use your online account details. And if you can’t remember them, simply tap the forgotten password or username links.

If you don’t manage your energy online, you'll need to create an online account before you can log in.

Activate your online account

Remember - if you forget your details and try to log in 5 times your account will be locked. If this happens, just tap Forgotten Password to get a temporary one. Then you can create a new password when you log in again.

Your PDF bills are usually between 1-2MB. We recommend using Wi-Fi for downloading bills, but please take their size into account if you have a limited mobile data allowance.

Foresee Survey
Sometimes you may be asked to take part in a survey run by Foresee. This is to help us gauge your current level of satisfaction and help us understand the best ways to improve the app functionality and experience. You don’t have to take part, but we appreciate every response we get – you’re shaping the future of our app.