Meet the people behind the amazing super powers


Meet Adam our break dancing Brummie. Adam has the super power to freestyle any time, any place with any song!

Did you know?

Adam is self-taught and only learnt how to break dance a few years ago, simply from videos and events. You would never guess that with those amazing b-boy skills!

John and Lizzie

The newlyweds from Harpenden. This plucky couple love to play to each other’s strengths. Because of Lizzie’s great core body strength, John can have a workout, and save on equipment at the same time. Human barbell anyone?

Did you know?

These love birds not only work out together, they also harmonise. Lizzie can sing beautifully and John can play the piano and guitar! Is there no end to their talent?

Richard and Isabelle

This is Richard and Isabelle - the dynamic duo. Richard has developed the brilliant super power to keep fit at the same time as entertaining his daughter. Meanwhile, Isabelle has developed the super power to cling on to moving objects!

Did you know?

Isabelle knows her mind. She loves princesses and sometimes, as you can see, she likes wearing swimming goggles. If it’s a goggle day, it’s a goggle day. Don’t try to persuade her otherwise!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is Sami nailing a bird impression. Amazing super power of mimicry, you have the npower.

Did you know?

Living in London Sami doesn’t hear the sounds of nature as much as she would like, so she brings the sounds of nature to London with her impressions. Ahh the tranquil sounds of woodland, and traffic.


Kenny has the super power to recall the day of the week for any date in time, past and future. May 6th 2068? Saturday. Holy moly!

Did you know?

Kenny has been perfecting his super power for the last 10 years, and through dedication and hard work he is now the owner of a certified super power!


Meet Claudia, she has the super power of flexibility. We’ve heard of bending over backwards but she takes it to the next level. Top-notch super power.

Did you know?

Claudia started off doing dance as a child, but was told she was too bendy. Not for us Claudia, npower salutes you. Claudia also has a degree in Circus Acts! Now that really is flexi-learning.

Fran and Ben

Meet Fran. He can walk across a sea of upside-down toys and plastic bricks, totally barefoot. We don’t know about you, but that is a super power in our books.

Did you know?

If Ben could have any super power it would be to fly. Too bad your Dad can’t fly over those plastic bricks Ben, ouch!


Russell has the super power to entertain, using nothing but his hands as instruments. He can perform a real symphony. Belt out a tune Russell!

Did you know?

Russell first learnt he had his super power at school, now he uses his super power to lull his daughter to sleep. How times change.


The super power to juggle dishes straight into the cupboards. Sam here can do this and more. Amazing stuff, just don’t drop anything.

Did you know?

Sam’s super power really comes into play when he is cooking baked potatoes. He’s been known to juggle them straight out of the oven on to plates. Don’t worry, he won’t drop your dinner.

Lili and Georgia

These girls have extraordinary super powers, redefining ways of doing everyday chores. Great stuff girls.

Did you know?

These girls want to be in the 2020 Olympics! With these super powers we’re sure they will be flipping towards gold.

The Emerys

Meet The Emerys, they have the super power of efficiency. With this amazing feature they are able to save 50 hours a year on hair plaiting alone. Wow, they definitely have the npower.

Did you know?

The Emerys save time in every way possible. They even tackle the daily packed lunches as a team. Who’s having the ham sandwich?


Meet Milo, demonstrating the super power of control. Being able to balance not three, but four donuts on his head at once. Sensational.

Did you know?

Milo loves to do tricks, and his favourite is running through his owners legs. He could have made it at Crufts, except donut balancing isn’t a category... yet.


Young Tanubhav here is quite simply a maths genius, with the super power of mental arithmetic. Name an equation, he can solve it. Super-duper super power Tanubhav.

Did you know?

If Tanubhav could have an extra super power he would be invisible. Imagine that, an invisible maths genius?! This has the formula for a Hollywood movie. You’re a real star Tanubhav.